Pottermore Shop Closes Bookshelf Section As Store Urges Harry Potter Fans To ‘Download Books Now’

POTTERMORE is warning its readers to redownload their purchased Harry Potter eBooks before they become unavailable after January 31.

If you have purchased Harry Potter eBooks from Pottermore, you are advised to re-download your copies before the texts disappear at the end of the month.


Pottermore warned customers to download their Harry Potter texts from Bookshelf before they disappeared on January 31Credit: AFP

The site, launched in 2012, relayed this information to its customers via email, warning them that eBooks and audiobooks would no longer be accessible.

Pottermore, which became known as WizardingWorld in 2019, stopped selling Harry Potter eBooks in September of last year.

Although the Harry Potter series is one of the best-selling of all time, sales of digital texts have been declining steadily for years on Pottermore.

Initially, the site – which was created by Harry Potter author JK Rowling as a means to deliver news, features, and articles – was the only place one could purchase digital copies of the Harry Potter books. .

However, in 2015 other online stores such as Apple and Amazon started selling them.

Yet that decline in Pottermore sales has not dented Rowling’s personal fortune, which has grown by tens of thousands of dollars a day compared to Harry Potter eBook sales in 2019.

Pottermore customers can visit the website to re-download their eBooks.

And according to the Twitter user, Ryan C. gordon, people can also transfer their downloaded copies to new e-readers in the future, as the texts consist of a DRM-free .epub file.

Although Gordon noted that users may have to convert the .epub file to make it readable on a Kindle.

To date, the total gross income of the Harry Potter book series exceeds $ 7.7 billion.

A Pottermore Publishing spokesperson said: “A large number of retailers and libraries around the world now stock Pottermore eBooks and Audiobooks, so there is no longer a business need for the Pottermore Store to operate. . Pottermore’s business continues as usual and is unaffected.

Pottermore was the only place people could buy Harry Potter digital books for several years.


Pottermore was the only place people could buy Harry Potter digital books for several years.Credit: Darren Fletcher – The Sun
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