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King Library Press presents a virtual roundtable “Print / Reprint”

LEXINGTON, Ky. (January 10, 2022) – To rejoin University of Kentucky Libraries’ King Library Press 2 p.m. on Tuesday January 18 via Zoom, for “Printing / Reprinting: A Roundtable on Printing Technologies as Physical Evidence. “Featuring distinguished panelists from across the United States, this virtual event will examine the study of 20th century printing technologies […]

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Do we want to live in a meritocracy? | Policy books

The double shock of Donald Trump’s election and Leave’s referendum victory in 2016 prompted political commentators to rush for an explanation. Much of the blame was placed on members of a smug liberal elite, who had become so convinced of their own status and opinions that they ignored the growing discontent of their fellow citizens. […]

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Laura Walker draws winning draw to win Alberta playdown, book ticket for Scotties

Laura Walker drew a winning draw on Sunday afternoon to win the Alberta women’s curling playoffs and secure a spot in the next national championship. She threw her last stone in the four-foot ring for a 6-5 victory over Casey Scheidegger at the Bonnetts Energy Center. Walker was third at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts […]

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Fabi’s Corner, a book exchange in Nicaragua

Photo: EFE From 100% Noticias, By EFE HAVANA TIMES – El Rincón de Fabi (Fabi’s Corner) is a reading promotion platform to attract new readers to Nicaragua. Last Saturday, he organized his first book exchange of the year, because, according to its promoter, journalist Fabiola Tercero, “knowledge must circulate”. Various works of foreign and Nicaraguan […]

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The Foundation for Agriculture announces the 15th “Book of the Year”

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture presented its 15th “Book of the Year” award to author Kiki Thorpe for “How to Grow a Monster.” The award was presented at the 103rd American Farm Bureau Federation convention. “How to Grow a Monster” explores the theme of designer gardening and includes a gardening-related activity for young […]

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Sunday Reading: Hospitals and the New Wave

Omicron does not cause as many severe illnesses as others COVID variants, but it is so transmissible that the countless cases recorded every day have strained hospitals, doctors and nurses all the same. More archives Sign up for Classics, a bi-weekly newsletter featuring notable pieces from the past. This week we bring you a selection […]

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New book documents unforgettable lives of ‘other’ Bengalis in the 2000s, beyond bhadralok

New Delhi: A new book by Kolkata-based writer and translator Parimal Bhattacharya documents the missing stories and narratives of a lesser-known side of West Bengal at a time when the state’s Left Front regime, which had lasted since three decades, collapsed. Posted by HarperCollins India, Field Notes from a Waterborne Land will go live on […]

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Review: The Story Behind the Rosetta Stone | Book Reviews and News

CORY OLDWEILER Star Tribune “The Handwriting of the Gods” by Edward Dolnick; Scribner, 336 pages, $ 28. Ancient Egypt has persisted in the popular imagination for over 400 years, from Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra” to Lawrence Kasdan’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. And it’s easy to see why, starting with the almost unfathomable scale of […]

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SRTC Foundation awards over $ 50,000 in scholarships | Education

For the spring semester 2022, which begins January 6, 2022, the Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) Foundation has awarded scholarships to 79 students for a total of $ 50,250. These funds help students cover education related costs such as tuition, fees, books, classroom and lab supplies, etc. Students who received scholarships were: Aubrey Wood from […]

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Young People First: Coping With A Cancer Diagnosis | Lifestyles

While I was a social worker for Youth First, I worked with many students affected by cancer. This school year was no exception, as I myself was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2021. Here are some ideas that you may find helpful in coping with a cancer diagnosis. When you first learn of a […]