Google cuts 30% off audiobooks and e-books

title=Google takes 30% of in-app transactions from developers, making it unviable for low-margin items like audiobooks or e-books. Lots of people make it work, but the revenue per transaction is really low. All that will change, Google will lower its reduction from 30% to 15%, in exchange for supporting certain platforms and features.

The Play Media Experience program has been an invitation-only program for the past year and Google will roll out its global expansion program. To be eligible, an app needs 100,000 monthly active installs and a good rating in the Play Store. Google will make the ultimate call on who is approved.

If a business wants to sell audiobooks and get a 15% commission, they need to build apps for Wear OS, Android Auto, Android TV, and Google Cast. Developers offering premium books and comics need to optimize tablets and foldable devices and integrate them into Entertainment Space.

Since this has been in beta for so long, I think Amazon was one of their first partners. That’s why the Kindle app was the first to support the Microsoft Duo, a foldable dual-screen phone. The Kindle app had the ability to read books, using both screens, which felt more natural.

The developers can review the program guidelines and express their interest now and Google will provide you with more information if you are eligible. The Play Media Experience program joins many other resources for developers, including Subscribe with Google for news publishers.