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Chicopee Public Library continues to expand electronic content

CHICOPEE – The continuous evolution of technology places an imperative responsibility on organizations to grow with the times. At the Chicopee Public Library, the organization continues to embrace this challenge as it strives to expand its database of electronic content.

Senior Reference Librarian Carol Bagley discussed the platform’s growth amid the impacts of COVID-19. While the library itself remains open, Bagley shared that interest in digital offerings is steadily growing with patrons. “More and more people are using digital options. People who hadn’t used them before started to come in and explore [digital content] more,” Bagley said.

For the Chicopee Public Library, electronic content options began to be adopted by the space just over 10 years ago. e-Resources Librarian Brigitte Lyman explained that the e-library originated from Central and Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing (CW MARS), with Chicopee being one of 182 sites using the consortium to provide a broad range of information.

Over time, the Chicopee Public Library has grown its electronic content base to be more inclusive. “As more people gain access to the internet and personal devices, the desire for online resources has increased. We are continually working to add more digital resources to our library to enable remote and digital access to all the materials we provide: books, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, music, magazines, and educational/research resources” , Lyman said.

A transition from the hardwired traditions of paper text to the presence of blue light from tech screens can seem daunting to some. According to Bagley, the transition continues to be seamless for many library patrons. “It was easy for most people to understand. Some people need a little help at first, but most were able to access electronic content with no problem,” Bagley said.

Among the new additions to the library’s e-content offerings, Bagley pointed to the inclusion of movie platforms such as Kanopy and Hoopla, with the services offering a mix of legendary movie staples alongside an infusion of modern offerings. Lyman also explained that the e-database includes an array of essential databases, audiobooks, and e-magazines.

Readers interested in accessing electronic content from the Chicopee Public Library can access the platforms through their library card or a recently introduced ECard for patrons who do not yet have a library card. The ECard can be upgraded at any time to include access to physical library space.