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The One Book selection highlights the link between consumption and the climate crisis

“The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where We Go from Here,” by geologist Hope Jahren, is Northwestern’s One Book selection for the 2021-22 school year. The latest from the bestselling author of “Lab Girl”, the book is an exploration of the consequences of population growth – from 3,800 years ago […]


Kobo connects eBooks, notepad for a reader to write on – Pickr

An eReader like the Kindle or the Kobo is meant for reading, but what if you could jot down notes using the same gadget? The latest Kobo has this in mind. There’s no shortage of tablets, and it’s even fairly easy to find e-book readers, but finding a way to mix the two categories usually […]


Amazon will distribute ebooks to public libraries

Amazon has entered into a much-anticipated deal with the Digital Public Library of America to distribute 10,000 audiobooks and e-books to libraries. The content will be provided by Amazon’s own footprints, such as Thomas and Mercer, Amazon Crossing, and 47 North. This is the first time that libraries will receive digital books directly from Amazon […]


Publication of eBooks for 2nd year HS students on

Assam: e-books for 2nd year HS students published on (representative) Image Credit: Shutterstock New Delhi: The Assam Council for Upper Secondary Education (AHSEC) has published electronic versions of the second year textbooks for class 12 or HS. The board previously promoted students from grade 11 to the next higher grade due to the COVID-19 […]


8 Best eBook APIs | Programmable web

Digital transformation has an impact on all aspects of entertainment. Streaming TV is now almost as popular as cable TV, digital music is selling better than analog CDs or vinyl records, online news subscriptions are slowly replacing print newspapers, and e-books are just as popular as paper books. While nothing is as nice as a […]


Fighting for libraries and e-books

Marc McKenney By MARK McKENNEY Given my time in the Rhode Island Senate, it is not surprising that I am sometimes asked questions on a variety of issues. Recently, I had a question about a bill that is before the House of Representatives, on e-books. I am happy to provide an overview of the bill. […]


5 best eBook torrent sites [100% Working]

EBooks are a great way to read your favorite books on the go without increasing the weight of your backpack. There are various eBook torrent sites that allow you to download free public domain books. If you’re looking for such channels, let’s explore some of the best eBook torrent sites of 2021 that you can […]


Standard eBooks make classic texts look beautiful

The volunteers of Project Gutenberg are among the great unsung heroes of the Internet. Since 1971 (!), They have digitized over 60,000 copyright-free books for preservation and convenience. While Project Gutenberg texts are better than before, they are often plagued by typos and don’t always have the nicest or most consistent typography. A new project […]


Top publishers sell a ton of eBooks in 2021

Harpercollins, Hachette, Simon and Schuster and Penguin Random House are four of the most prolific book publishers in the world. In the first three months of 2021, they saw very strong sales of audiobooks and e-books. This trend is expected to continue for the rest of the year, mainly due to COVID and the increase […]